About us

Kaizen is a leading independent game production company in Europe, providing first-class game production and co-production services since 2015, primarily for mobile, cross-platform, social and browser games. Year by year our highly experienced team successfully completes projects of varying complexity and scope, with more than 100 projects completed to date totalling around 50 million players. With over 30 staff we cover all major areas of game development, such as art creation (2D and 3D), programming, game design, project management, QA, games porting and other services. We are proud of our successfully completed game projects and our reputation as a reliable partner for a number of well-known game companies.


1. Extensive gaming expertise and outstanding quality:

Benefit from our expertise at both the pre-launch and post-launch stages of game development, especially for social games, browser games, complex mobile games and cross-platform games. Be on top of the latest technological trends and always have ready access to highly skilled professionals. We hire the most talented and experienced specialists we can find, this allows us to deploy the ideal team for your projects quickly and confidently.Join other successful game companies that have entrusted us with their most valuable assets – their games.

2. High level of efficiency and cost effectiveness:

We have more than 300 professionals for you to choose from, so you can minimize your overhead costs and administrative hassles. Plus, our professionals have a great variety of skills, so you get the talent you require every time.Due to our flexible internal structure we can scale a project’s resources up or down very quickly as required, thereby effectively resolving unforeseen problems. We offer two cost-effective pricing models to suit different types of projects of varying duration and scope.

3. Excellent protection & guarantees:

We base our business procedures on a clear and simple client reporting process. We always keep you well informed of progress and it is always easy to get in contact with us.We comply with established quality standards and processes,which allow us to consistently fulfil our customer’s requirements.Rest assured that we stand behind the quality of our workmanship, and provide you with a service warranty.Being headquartered in Germany we offer a very high level of legal and contractual safety.